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Trump Aide Says He’s ‘More Pro-Women’ Than Clinton

Donald Trump Holds Campaign Rally In Charleston, WV
Donald “woman-cherisher” Trump. Photo: Mark Lyons/2016 Getty Images

Donald Trump, who eats taco bowls on top of magazine spreads of his bikini-clad ex-wife, would like to remind everyone that he’s a champion for women. Trump himself has been working hard to win over women voters by telling them how easy their lives are, and on Sunday, Paul Manafort, who has all but ousted Corey Lewandowski as the head of the Trump campaign, told Fox News Sunday that Trump, “Is not anti-women. He’s very pro-women — more so than [Clinton] because he’s pro-women in actions, not words.” Those actions, Manafort said, include female employees and … well, hiring female employees.

But although Manafort said Trump is pro-women as a whole, he was quick to point out that Trump will not stand for specific women — namely Hillary Clinton and Elizabeth Warren. “[Trump] is not going to allow Hillary Clinton or Elizabeth Warren to hide behind their sex to make cases that are hypocritical,” Manafort said. And, when it comes to the general election, “He’s not going to let Hillary make the case that he’s against women and she’s this defender of women’s rights.”

Because it would be totally absurd for Clinton, who was endorsed by Planned Parenthood and who has a consistent record of introducing and voting for legislation that promotes women’s rights, to claim she’s more pro-women than a guy who has totally hired women before and who will keep the country safe for everyone but mostly for women. Trump does really well with women! He cherishes women! Just because he calls some of them bimbos and dogs and fat pigs doesn’t mean he’s anti-woman! How hypocritical of his political opponents to say so.

Trump Aide Says He’s More Pro-Women Than Clinton