Donald Trump Assures Britain That He Is the ‘Opposite’ of Stupid, Has Many Muslim Friends

The opposite of a divisive, stupid man.

Donald Trump began his week sitting at a pub with Piers Morgan, explaining why David Cameron was wrong to call his Muslim ban “stupid, divisive, and wrong.”

“Number one, I’m not stupid, okay? I can tell you that right now — just the opposite,” he assured the Good Morning Britain host. “Number two, in terms of divisive, I don’t think I’m a divisive person. I’m a unifier; unlike our president now, I’m a unifier.”

Still, even a unifier like Trump can’t bring together two countries with as little in common as the United States and the United Kingdom.

It looks like we’re not going to have a very good relationship,” Trump said of U.K. prime minister David Cameron.

His relationship with London’s newly elected Muslim mayor, Sadiq Khan, looks to be even worse. Khan has called Trump’s statements about Muslims “ignorant,” and pledged to help Hillary Clinton defeat the Donald in November.

When he won I wished him well — now, I don’t care about him,” Trump said. “He doesn’t know me. Never met me. Doesn’t know what I’m all about … They’re very rude statements, and frankly, tell him, I will remember those statements.”

Trump went on to clarify that his call for a ban on Muslims entering the country was just a “suggestion” — and most of his Muslim friends think it’s a great one.

I have many Muslim friends. They come over — not all of them, I have to say — I was with one the other day, one of the most successful men. He’s Muslim. He said, ‘Donald you have done us such a favor. You have brought out a problem that no one wants to talk about.’”

Morgan then asked Trump what he would say to law-abiding Muslims who feel stigmatized by his blanket ban on immigration from members of their faith.

They have to turn the people in,” Trump said (apparently convinced that every Muslim knows at least one terrorist). “Now: If they’re not going to play ball, it’s never going to work out.”

Trump To Britain: I Am the Opposite of Stupid