Watch the NYPD Crush a Bunch of Illegal Dirt Bikes

“I’m crushing your dirtbike!” Photo: NYPD

If our friends at Select All have taught us anything, it’s that the internet loves to watch items get crushed, melted, or otherwise destroyed beyond recognition. And so, perhaps with that in mind, the NYPD took to Facebook Live on Tuesday to crush a bunch of illegal dirt bikes and ATVs it had seized.

At Tuesday’s crushing, police commissioner Bill Bratton waved a checkered flag to signal to the heavy machinery that it was go time. But it wasn’t just a stunt to chase Facebook likes: The department was making good on a promise to publicly destroy such vehicles to deter “knuckleheads, nitwits, and clowns,” in the words of Bratton, from riding them on city streets. In the first quarter of 2016, the NYPD seized 312 illegal dirt bikes and ATVs, more than twice as many as it did in the same period in 2015.

See the destruction below:

Watch the NYPD Crush Some Illegal Dirt Bikes