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We Can’t Stop Laughing at These Photoshopped Pictures of a Two-Legged Cat

Reddit is good for basically three things: finding viral content before it’s viral, horribly offensive comments, and Photoshop battles.

Photoshop battles occur, of course, when a user submits a random photo (usually something funny), and lets Photoshop-skilled Redditors go to town until a winner is ultimately declared.

This week’s battle involves a grainy picture of a white cat. It’s unclear if he or she is precariously perched or actually has just two legs. Either way, thank you, cat, for being a good sport and letting the internet crop you into all sorts of terrible situations.

Strangely, the cat doesn’t look less strange with the addition of two human legs in leopard print pants. Go figure!

Here’s one inspired by “The Ring.” (FYI: Looking at this cat means you’ll die in the next seven days.)

A nice literal interpretation.

So Pinterest.

I’m sorry, cat.

You can check out more of the battle here on Reddit.

Hilarious Photoshopped Pictures of Two-Legged Cat