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Adorable Irish Granny Is Not So Sure About This Whole Virtual-Reality Thing

Virtual reality is great. It’s fine. It’s the future, whatever. But I know something even better than virtual reality: strapping a VR headset on your adorable granny and filming her reaction. Because that is what innovation is really all about. Overwhelming the people closest to you and publicizing it for a few hundred upvotes on Reddit.

In a video making the rounds on the /r/videos subreddit today, watch as an unsuspecting Irish grandmother (wearing an adorable pair of leopard-print slippers no less) experiences virtual reality for the first time.

According to the video’s caption, she’s trying out Jurassic Park. So watch this again and picture some very big dinosaurs. Or Chris Pratt in a formfitting cargo vest. Whichever makes you scream louder.

Irish Granny Loses It Watching VR for First Time