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China Is Bribing Men to Donate Sperm Using Rose-Gold iPhones

Photo: Apple

It’s been six months since China’s repeal of the one-child policy went into effect. There’s just one problem for many couples looking to procreate: The country’s sperm banks are sorely lacking in donations. It’s an issue, the New York Times reported earlier this week, that the country only anticipates getting bigger as more and more couples start having second children.

While it might seem contradictory that a nation with a culture that has long preferred sons over daughters would run into this issue, a 2011 study notes that roughly half of all Chinese sperm donors are turned away for STDs or low sperm counts. With that in mind, the government is on a mission to bring in new men, between 20 and 45, as donors.

To do this, the country is relying on a few different methods, including ads promoting sperm donation with a charmingly patriotic spin, “Help mitigate the country’s aging problem.” Or alternatively, some sperm banks are offering cash (up to $1,000) or a rose-gold iPhone. Though at this point, it might just be worth holding out to see if Apple does roll out a dark-blue phone next fall. (China’s aging issue has been building for decades; what’s a few more months.)

China is Bribing Men to Donate Sperm Using iPhones