Bill Clinton Still Has a Locker at Trump’s Westchester Golf Course

In recent weeks, Donald Trump has accused Bill Clinton of being a serial rapist and demanded his wife be imprisoned. Hillary Clinton, for her part, has described Trump as an incompetent, ill-tempered con artist who should seek psychiatric help.

It wasn’t always this way.

And perhaps, deep down, Bill Clinton hopes his relationship to Trump won’t stay like this forever.

Of course, there are several ways to interpret this tweet.

1. Donald Trump 2016 really is a Clinton-helmed false-flag operation.

2. Trump’s Westchester golf course is too legit to quit.

3. Clearing out his personal locker at the presumptive GOP nominee’s golf course is not one of Bill Clinton’s top priorities.

4. Maybe Boomer Esiason is worth following on Twitter?

We report, you decide.

Clinton Still Has Locker at Trump’s Golf Course