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Cool Dad Pulls Cool-Dad Prank by Turning His Pancakes Into Pac-Man

Photo: biticonjustine/Twitter

Happy almost Father’s Day. In honor of the holiday, may I present Twitter’s favorite dad? Or at least Twitter’s favorite dad this week.

Justine, an 18-year-old from California, was out eating breakfast with her father when she noticed he was acting strange. “He was staring at me with a lil smirk so I knew something was up,” she told me via Twitter DM. Across the table, her dad had turned his pancakes into an edible Pac-Man, complete with butter pats as substitute pac-dots and a ghost drawn on a napkin.

My dad and I have always been huge dorks, so it was really just a regular thing to see but it was still super funny,” Justine said. Nearly 40,000 people have retweeted and faved the pictures since she shared them on Twitter. “It’s funny because this isn’t my first tweet that’s gone viral on Twitter lol,” she also explained, referencing her prom pictures which were also shared by a few thousand people in April.

Justine said she and her dad like to goof around and “tend to bond over things like that [the Pac-Man pancakes], we like to go to arcades and jam to oldies,” Justine said, noting some favorites, “Queen, The Temptations, and The Beach Boys.” As for going viral, Justine told me her dad, in classic dad fashion, doesn’t quite “get it.” “He’s just been laughing about it! I told him when I saw people posting it and he was like what? Why??? He couldn’t understand what ‘making it’ on Twitter was haha.”


Cool Dad Turns His Pancakes Into Pac-Man