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Show Everyone How Chill You Are With This Vape Disguised As a Car-Key Fob

Do you vape? Do you vape in public? Do you drive a car? This new gadget from Vaped Vaporizers might just be the best your best bet for combining those hobbies. (Also, if you answered yes to most of those questions, please feel free to purchase a “Bad Ass” bumper sticker for your car.)

The device retails for $170 and is engineered to look just like a key fob, complete with lock and unlock buttons that double as on and off buttons. It’s compatible with herb marijuana, which means you’ll be able to put cannabis buds directly into the vape. “Loose will work, but packed a little tight will get you more hits per session,” the company explains.

On the other side of the Vaped Fob is a winged logo that will definitely trick your friends into think you drive a very cool car. Like a Mini Cooper.

Disguise Your Vape As a Car-Key Fob