Please Take a Moment to Laugh at This Plan to Install a 1,200-Foot-Tall, $600 Million Amusement-Park Ride at Penn Station

Would you take the LIRR for this? Photo: AE Superlab and Brooklyn Capital Partners

Governor Andrew Cuomo has been on an infrastructure-overhaul binge, and he’s included on his list the teaming hovel that most New Yorkers simply refer to as Penn Station. Cuomo’s Penn upgrade has a whopping $3 billion price tag, only part of which ($325 million) would come from the state and federal monies. Developers would cover the rest.

One developer, Brooklyn Capital Partners, who’d like to get in on the action has submitted a proposal for a 1,200-foot “urban amusement” ride called “The Halo” atop Madison Square Garden or the Farley Post Office. The ride would have 11 cars that race up and free-fall down this vertical tower at different speeds. Thrill-seeking riders can go as fast as 100 miles per hour. A ticket to ride would cost $35, according to the Daily News. 

The developers say it will cost about $637 million to build but bring in $1 billion for Penn’s redesign, including money from ticket sales. In case you’re not entirely sold and just wanted a train station with usable bathrooms and a little sunlight, we’ll let the developers pitch you: “It is an experience of New York that no one will ever forget and that most people will want to repeat.” 

Does Penn Station Need a 1,200-Foot-Tall Ride?