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God Couldn’t Save the Queen From Being Hilariously Photoshopped

Photo: Joey83/Reddit

Let this be a warning to anyone in the public eye: If you wear an outfit that looks like a green screen, you will become fodder for the internet to Photoshop.

In the internet’s great tradition of editing pictures for fun, this week people on Imgur descended upon a picture of Queen Elizabeth celebrating her 90th birthday and rocking some serious Dat Boi vibes in a bright-green suit.

Photo: Joey83/Reddit

This one’s an easy joke, but I’m still laughing. (And queuing up “Pretty Vacant” on Spotify.)

The queen dressed in dog is a nice look, though we, and Queen Elizabeth probably, would have preferred a corgi-covered suit.


Why so serious, Your Highness? (But in all seriousness, Queen Elizabeth, thank you for being such a bright spot amidst the darkness that is the internet.)

God Couldn’t Save the Queen From Photoshop