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Guy Dressed in Blue Shirt Walks Out of Apple Store With 19 iPhones

Photo: Craig Warga/Bloomberg/Getty Images

While Apple’s Cupertino campus is a notoriously secretive facility with Fort Knox–like security measures, the company’s thousands of Apple stores around the globe are less so.

A recent example: Some guy stole 19 iPhones by just wearing a certain shirt and walking into the back room.

As DNAinfo reports:

Police said the thief “dressed similarly” to store employees — who usually wear blue T-shirts imprinted with an Apple logo — and walked right into an electronics repair room at about 5:30 p.m. on June 1.

Dastardly. The Mobile Device Marauder then allegedly grabbed the iPhones from a drawer and handed them to an accomplice in the showroom. The accomplice then put them under his shirt (shirts: clearly important for this heist) and walked out.

The phones, valued at $16,130, have not yet been recovered.

Apple Store Robbed in Complex Scheme