3 People Arrested at Holland Tunnel for Trying to Enter NYC With Cache of Loaded Weapons

Police found a stockpile of loaded firearms and ammunition during a traffic stop outside the Holland Tunnel Tuesday morning. Port Authority cops pulled over the car in New Jersey, at the tolls entrance to New York City, because they had a cracked windshield. That’s when Port Authority cops found the arsenal, which, besides loaded assault rifles and handguns and plenty of ammo, included knives, body armor, and other tactical gear like a camouflage helmet and night goggles. The weapons cache was in “plain view” on the passenger side, and cops also turned up drugs in the vehicle search. 

Three people were arrested in the stop: two men in their 50s, and a woman in her 20s. The NYPD Joint Terrorism Task Force is investigating, but, despite fears a little more than a week after Orlando, authorities said right now there’s no obvious link to terrorism. The trio, from Pennsylvania, may in fact just be regular criminals, possibly involved in the heroin trade, who were preparing to go after a rival dealer. Police are still investigating the motive. 

Holland Tunnel Traffic Stop Finds Weapons Cache