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Let’s Hope You Didn’t Try to Take the Subway Friday Morning

The New York City subway has apparently decided to take Friday off and start its weekend a bit early, which basically turned the system into a hellish apocalypse of reroutes and delays. This is what’s going down, according to the MTA website.

Signal problems at Eastern Parkway in Brooklyn snarled the 2, 3, 4, and 5 lines (and caused residual delays on the local 1 and 6 lines, respectively). No trains were running between Brooklyn and Manhattan on any of the lines, leaving passengers stranded between the boroughs. The signal issue has at least now been resolved and service has just been restored, says MTA spokesperson Kevin Ortiz, but expect soul-sucking delays to persist. 

Okay, that’s bad — but things are back up and running, and it could always be worse? Hahahaha, nice try. A track fire at 7th Avenue in Brooklyn is causing service changes on the B, D, N, and Q and heavy delays on the B and Q. 

Okay, but that’s it, right? Well, no. Mechanical problems at Bedford Avenue earlier this morning forced the MTA to terminate 8th Avenue–bound L trains at Bedford Avenue, causing — we’re not even going to say it. 

That’s what happening. This is how it feels, according to all the doomed straphangers who did not abort their commute in time.


Hopefully You Didn’t Take the Subway Friday A.M.