How Great Britain’s Newspapers Are Covering Brexit

A man takes a copy of the London Evening Standard with the front page reporting the resignation of British Prime Minister David Cameron and the vote to leave the EU in a referendum, showing a pictured of Cameron holding hands with his wife Samantha as they come out from 10 Downing Street, in London on June 24, 2016.
Photo: Leon Neal/AFP/Getty Images

We’re Out!” blares the cover of Great Britain’s largest-circulation tabloids, which is one way to sum up the country’s historic vote to leave the European Union after 40 years. That “leave” vote sent shock waves across the globe just as soon as the votes were tallied. Prime Minister David Cameron has resigned. The pound plunged to a more-than-30-year low. The Dow nose-dived more than 500 points at opening. Here’s how Britain, Europe, and the rest of the world are covering the immediate aftermath of the referendum and looking ahead to what’s likely to be a trying divorce between the United Kingdom and Europe. 

Great Britain:


(President Gauck: “I do not believe in a disintegrated Europe.”)

(“Britain wakes up to a new day.”)

(“Are the Brits serving us Brexit for breakfast today?”)

(“England is gambling with its future.”)

Some former British colonies:

How Britain’s Newspapers Are Covering Brexit