New Yorkers, Look No Further for the Ideal Summer Vacation Destination

Summer in New York is not always a pretty thing. Your apartment feels a consistent 10 degrees hotter than the sizzling sidewalks. Your commute leaves you wilting before you even arrive at your desk. The dripping condensation from the fleet of humming air conditioners overhead might be, disturbingly, mistaken for rain. It’s only June, and New Yorkers, you already know you’ll need a break.

Consider planning a trip from the island of Manhattan to the island of Aruba. A Caribbean destination may not first come to mind when you’re pondering the perfect summer getaway, but Aruba’s year-round trade winds make for the right kind of heat. And, that’s just the start of what makes Aruba surprisingly perfect for summer vacation. JetBlue Getaways packages make it easy (and cost-effective) to experience Aruba’s wide, white-sand beaches, pristine turquoise waters, and dynamic culture. Click through for more reasons to visit, and be inspired to start planning.

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The Ideal Summer Vacation Destination