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If You Value Your Google Search History, Definitely Don’t Click This Link

Google search histories are sacred spaces, a record of every stupid question you’ve asked the internet. (“Why isn’t Chicago the capitol of Illinois?” “Where can I buy Hamilton tickets for less than $1 million?” “Why are my toenails falling off?”)

That is, unless, you click this link and let absolutely demolish your digital footprint. (Warning: You should probably only click that link in incognito mode.) Once you run the program, it automatically Googles charming phrases like “rohypnol safe dosage,” “ways to kill someone hypothetically,” “penis remove dog how to,” and “ISIS application form.” While opening the link in an incognito window won’t necessarily hide your searches from your internet-service provider, it will spare you from seeing targeted ads based on those searches. Which is probably for the best.

The site is currently being discussed on Reddit’s /r/InternetIsBeautiful, where, despite several, blatant, NSFW warnings, some people are upset they clicked the link and, well, ruined their search history. “As an middle eastern student living in Germany, I lost my shit when that happened and started screaming no, no, no,” writes one Redditor. In a complete 180 from the usual rules of the net, in this instance it paid to actually read the comments. Jesus guys. I’m in an airport right now. Glad I read the comments before I clicked anything,” wrote another Redditor.

The OP (Reddit-speak for “Original Poster,” a.k.a. the person who made the website) later commented on the thread apologizing. “OP here. I made this. Sorry to everyone who ends up in Guantanamo off this. But imagine how many times I ran this when testing it. See you there?”

See you there.

Whatever You Do, Don’t Click This Link