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Instagram’s Dreaded Algorithmic Feed Is Here (and You’re Not Going to Notice)

Starting this week, the algorithmic feed-ranking that Instagram announced back in March will roll out to all users. Until now, users’ feeds have been presented in a strict chronological order. That’ll change to a weighted ranking system, similar to how the Facebook news feed works now, presenting what the system believes you’d most prefer to see.

The announcement of an algorithmic feed sent users and brands reliant on Instagram into a tizzy. For a few days in March, it seemed like every account had a photo pointing up and to the right instructing users how to turn on per-account notifications.

As we said a couple of months ago and will reiterate here, this doesn’t really matter for photo viewers. The algorithmic weighting Instagram uses isn’t starting from scratch — you don’t need to train it as to what you like and don’t like. Brands reliant on getting their message out there, however, are in a slightly different boat, and to that end, Instagram is rolling out more tools for business.

Instagram’s Dreaded Algorithmic Feed Is Here