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Look at the Horrific Injuries ‘Tolerant’ Liberals Gave This Meme Just for Supporting Trump

Trump supporters can’t catch a break. Hateful and intolerant Dumbocrats roam the streets in packs, seeking meek, pacificist conservatives to persecute arbitrarily. This is the America of 2016.

Take this harrowing instance, which the Twitter account @Cons_Nation tweeted last night:

Trump supporters were egged and punched at a San Jose protest last week. But this is not a photo of any of them. I don’t need to tell you that this image is fake. I mean, it’s a real picture of a person, but she’s an actor. It’s Samara Weaving, in horror-movie makeup, on the set of the Showtime series Ash vs Evil Dead. Bonus: You can even see part of the Daily Mail image credit in the lower-left corner.

This is the second widely circulated hoax image concerning imaginary beatings of Trump supporters this week: Another widespread image supposedly of a badly beaten Trump-supporting Latino teenager was actually taken from a telenovela.

Still, nothing animates the right-wing internet like fake stories of fellow conservatives getting horrendously beaten by Democrats. Other Twitter users were brave enough to share their own stories of intolerant liberals.

Thank you, heroes, for speaking up.

Look at the Injuries Liberals Gave This Meme