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If Judy Blume Can’t Spell ‘Tumblr’ Right Maybe It Should Change Its Name

Photo: Aaron Davidson/Getty Images

To anyone who was ever a teenage girl (or boy for that matter, gender is bogus), Judy Blume, creator of seminal YA classics like Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret and Tales of Fourth Grade Nothing, is a national hero. But it turns out, even heroes make mistakes sometimes. The author joined Tumblr earlier this year while publicizing her latest work, but it seems she’s still a little bit fuzzy on how the microblogging platform spells its name.

Did it again!” AGAIN! There is something adorable about picturing the 78-year-old sitting at her computer (which I imagine is a sensible iMac G4) and repeatedly misspelling Tumblr. It’s okay, Judy. I still love you, extra vowels and all.

Judy Blume Doesn’t Know How to Spell Tumblr