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Literally the Only Issue Where Donald Trump Had an Advantage Over Hillary Clinton Is Now Gone

It’s a lesser of two emailers election. Photo: Brendan Smialowski/AFP/Getty Images. Justin Sullivan-Getty Images

Hillary Clinton’s sloppy and irresponsible handling of official email during her tenure as Secretary of State is not, by itself, a good reason to vote for Donald Trump. But it is a reason, albeit one dwarfed by mountains of countervailing reasons. Or at least it was a reason. Paul Singer reports that Trump’s businesses have repeatedly destroyed emails relevant to the lawsuits against him, in ways judges have found suspicious or irresponsible:

Trump’s casino company destroyed old computers and emails that might have been stored on them. “There was no uniform procedure for migration of data from an obsolete work station to a replacement work station,” Vroulis said.

Trump’s companies had no document retention policy, witnesses testified. “Every year everything was just wiped out and deleted from pretty much everybody’s computers,” said Bob Pickus, general counsel of the casino unit at the time, according to court records.

So now email protocol voters are struck with a tie between two bad choices, and might have to decide on the basis of other issues.

Literally Only Trump Issue Advantage Now Gone