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Little Kid Will Never Trust Another Adult After Mom Takes Him on Roller Coaster

Why we going up?” an unsuspecting little boy named Rick asks his mother as the pair sit in an ascending roller-coaster car. “Because we’re gonna go down,” Rick’s mother responds.

Rick is a very cute kid, but that’s not the reason this video of him and his mother is topping the /r/videos thread on Reddit today. Instead, it’s Rick’s shocked face and terrified yelps of “Mommy, what is happening? Mommy, what the hell?” that are drawing thousands of views. (The action starts about 40 seconds in and you’re definitely going to want to watch this with the sound on.)

By the end of the video, Rick has a smile back on his face and seems relatively unscathed, so I don’t feel too terribly about having spent the last 15 minutes laughing at the expense of a scared child.

Kid Potentially Scarred for Life on Roller Coaster