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Please Celebrate America This Weekend by Playing Beer Pong on a $900 Roomba

It’s almost the Fourth of July, which for many people means hot dogs, flag T-shirts, tweeting in earnest about America’s 2016th birthday — and beer pong. The game of our forefathers, frat guys, and our actual fathers when they want to seem cool. But traditional beer pong is so passé. Thanks to the advent of technology, today’s ping-pong-ball-throwing enthusiasts can play a much less primitive version of the game. All you need are a dozen Solo cups and two Roombas.

The video, which started circulating yesterday on Reddit, looks fun enough. I mean, who hasn’t dreamed of reliving their college days with the added thrill of potentially ruining two $900 devices with beer. (For what it’s worth, the cups in the video look like they’ve been stuck to the Roombas somehow to keep them from toppling over.) On the upside, if you do make a mess, at least you’ve got a vacuum handy.

Celebrate America by Playing Roomba Beer Pong