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7 Satisfying Videos of iPhones Getting Destroyed in Bizarre Ways

Breaking an iPhone is relatively easy. Drop it on the subway, or into your toilet, or let it slip from your hand as you exit a cab only to hear that horrible crunch telling you to carve an hour into your day because you now need to get a new phone. It’s horrible. Which is one reason that this YouTuber’s attempts to intentionally demolish his iPhone in bizarre ways is so deeply satisfying.

TechRax has racked up nearly 4.5 million followers on YouTube for his videos. The clips are something like iPhone porn, except if the point of iPhone porn ended with you looking at a mangled, shattered iPhone that also might be riddled with holes because you wrapped it in a Big Mac and dropped it off a building or poured liquid nitrogen on it. TechRax has been destroying devices for fun for several years now, so here are our top seven picks from his channel.

7. The Greatest Crayola Ad Ever

6. The Baconator

5. The 21st-Century Version of Tarring and Feathering (minus the feathers)

4. The Happy Thanksgiving

3. The Wonka (The one with Gene Wilder, obviously)

2. The Glad I Paid Attention in Chemistry Class

1. The Why Would You Waste a Perfectly Good Lava Lamp

7 Videos of iPhones Destroyed in Bizarre Ways