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Subway Sex-Crime Reports Are Up More Than 50 Percent

NYC Transit Systems Back To Providing Normal Service For Morning Commute After Snow Storm
Photo: Andrew Burton/Getty Images

Thanks to more victims turning in gropers and flashers to the police, reports of sex crimes on the New York City subway are up 57 percent over last year. More than 450 offenses — mostly public lewdness and snapping voyeuristic pictures — have been reported since the beginning of the year, versus about 300 for this period in 2015. Officers have also made 72 more arrests in 2016 than the year before, according to The Wall Street Journal. But, again, transit officials stress that massive jump doesn’t mean there are more creeps on the trains — just that more (mostly) women are coming forward and that the MTA’s and the NYPD’s transit units are doing a much better job of cracking down on these crimes through awareness campaigns, an online complaint system, and plainclothes patrols. 

Subway Sex-Crime Reports Up More Than 50 Percent