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We Can All Learn From the Profound Advice Hillary Clinton Gave a Troubled Man

Today, the presidential race has truly begun:

That’s a tweet from presumptive Democratic presidential nominee to presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump, instructing Trump to — in the direct and oft-quoted manner of teenagers on Twitter — delete his account. (“Delete your account” is an ancient Twitter burn whose origins are lost in the mists of time.)

The joke landed squarely with its target audience, and immediately sent people on Twitter into a fever dream of “slay,” “burn,” “same,” and “YASS KWEEN!” It is now her most retweeted tweet ever, usurping the title from a previous missive about One Direction. Mic published an article about the tweet entitled “In Three Glorious Words, Hillary Just Shut Down Trump on Twitter Once and for All.” CNBC explained it on air:

But now that Hillary has demonstrated her mastery of entry-level Twitter memes, she’s going to need some more material. Some suggestions:

Dat Boi — The frog-on-a-unicycle meme would make an excellent tweet for an arrival to a major event, like the Democratic National Convention this summer. This should give Clinton’s social team plenty of time to Photoshop her head onto a frog. “Oh shit waddup!!”

Don’t Talk to Me or My Son Ever Again” A little tough because Hillary doesn’t have a son. But she does have a daughter, Chelsea, so this still works. It’s 2016 and memes don’t have to conform to gender constraints! Everything is a spectrum!

The Cucumber Tweet — Hmm. Actually, don’t do this one.

Primitive Sponge The newest meme of summer 2016, Primitive Sponge is perfect for those moments when you find yourself shocked, enraged, and generally alert. How about “mrw someone questions my fitness for office.”

Fuck Me Daddy” Self-explanatory.

We Can All Learn From Hillary Clinton’s Twitter