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This Black-and-White Camera Could Save You From Ever Getting Another Sunburn

Like many people who spent their Memorial Day weekend at the beach, I spent the following week generously applying moisturizer, and wincing when I moved, because of an unintended sunburn. (Note to self: Remember to apply sunscreen to the backs of knees next time.)

But Sunscreenr, a tiny, waterproof camera, wants to make sunburns a thing of the past. You apply sunscreen and then have a friend look through the device’s viewfinder. While you can’t see sunscreen with the naked eye, areas of skin that aren’t adequately covered will appear lighter through the device, its creators claim. (Read: You’ll know where you need to slather some more SPF.) If you don’t have somebody with you, Sunscreenr is also selfie-stick-compatible (it is 2016, after all) and you can record up to 30 seconds of video to review.

The device is currently being funded via Kickstarter and raised $30,000 more than the campaign’s initial goal of $45,000. (The Kickstarter closes at the end of June.) Looks like I’m not the only one Googling ways to never get another sunburn.

Black-and-White Camera Could Save You From Sunburn