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This Kid Named Tom Really Needs to Stop Shooting His Dad With a Nerf Gun

Parenting sounds fun. You invest years of time and energy into raising a kid, pouring not just your money but your body and soul into ensuring his safety, happiness, and future, just to have him repay you by repeatedly shooting you with a Nerf gun, while filming your reaction so the internet can collectively laugh at your displeasure with being, you know, repeatedly shot with a Nerf gun.

A video making the rounds on Reddit’s /r/videos perfectly captures these intimate father-son moments. The video only had a few thousand views as of last night, but has already spiked to over 200,00 and counting. We have a feeling this might be 2016’s version of that kid who threw eggs at his unsuspecting mom for a year. (You know the one. “Noooooo!”)

Guy Films Himself Owning His Dad With a Nerf Gun