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This Robot Escaping From a Russian Lab Is How the Takeover Begins

If you were wandering the streets in Perm, Russia, yesterday, you might have spied a robot that looked like a combination of WALL-E and Rosie from The Jetsons wandering the streets.

The robot, which allegedly “escaped” from the Promobot research lab, was able to make its great escape because the genius humans who, you know, engineered a robot capable of giving directions and remembering everyone it speaks to, supposedly forgot to close the gate. (I’m laughing but skeptical given that the Promobot YouTube channel miraculously has clear video of the capture and the company’s blog has some photos of the incident that feel not exactly candid.)

Officially known as Promobot V2, the robot fled into the surrounding roads and made it over 150 feet in about 40 minutes before being captured and taken prisoner once again in the name of science, Russian news site Argumenty i Fakty reported.

The robot could have kept going had its battery not died. Which bodes well for humans in the event of any impending robot takeovers.

Robot Escapes From Russian Lab and Roams Streets