Donald Trump Promises ‘More Attacks Will Follow Orlando’

Donald Trump Holds Campaign Rally In Dallas
The Joker. Photo: Ron Jenkins/Getty Images

Shortly after Omar Mateen murdered 49 people in the Pulse nightclub, the Republican nominee accepted congratulations.

On Friday, Donald Trump set himself up for some more of those sweet post-mass-murder pats on the back.

As Politico notes, Trump offered a similar guarantee on Wednesday in Atlanta, telling supporters, “I hate to say it but it’s going to happen again and again and again … Because we’re not doing what we’re supposed to be doing.”

Another thing Trump hates to say, but says quite often nonetheless: Violent tragedies benefit him politically. “Whenever there’s a tragedy, everything goes up, my numbers go way up,” Trump said shortly after last year’s attack in San Bernardino.

What’s bad for America is good for Trump. Which makes one wonder: Is the GOP nominee just predicting future attacks, or does he “have something else in mind”?

Trump Promises More Terror Attacks Coming Soon