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Turns Out Squirrels Are Very Good at Pulling Out Teeth

Removing loose teeth in strange and possibly dangerous ways is a rite of passage. There’s the classic apple trick, or the string tied to a door option — or its more risky cousin: the “string tied to a toaster and thrown over a bannister” maneuver. In the second grade, a friend of mine even punched himself in the face to free a wigging incisor. And if none of those work, there are always squirrels.

Last week, YouTuber Viva Frei posted a video of himself and his daughter, Mila (who is rocking an excellent Hello Kitty T-shirt), sitting on a park bench. He announces that the pair are about to perform “an absolute internet first,” by tying one end of a piece of string to his daughter’s loose tooth and the other end to a hunk of granola. What a fun family bonding activity!

Mila, you are a total champ. Can’t wait to watch your dad stream the next one on Facebook Live.

Squirrels Are Very Good at Pulling Out Teeth