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Perfect Chair-Flipping Is the New Perfect Bottle-Flipping

Today, June 29, in the year of our lord (Justin Bieber), a new teen trend was born. And like the birth of most teen trends, another was left in its wake. So throw away your Deer Park water bottles and pick up a plastic chair, because chair flipping is the latest and greatest thing in teen entertainment these days.

It started with two students at Shirley Boys’ High School in Christchurch, New Zealand. Corban Baker and Cosmo Everett-Wells posted a video of them flipping plastic chairs during their lunch break, reports. The pair posted the video later that day and captioned it “what even is bottle flipping.” (In case teens aren’t your thing, in May a North Carolina high school senior went viral following a talent-show performance where he flipped a plastic water bottle to thunderous applause. Yes. Really.)

Since then, their Facebook video has been viewed almost 1.5 million times. And a version on Unilad’s Facebook page has been viewed another 22 million more. As for their moves, the pair said each flip they landed took about 20 takes and that Baker is the stronger chair-flipper of the duo. (He’s the one who isn’t wearing a scarf and lands that excellent move where the chair winds up back in a stack of other chairs.)

Fortunately for the pair, the school’s principal was cool with the whole viral video being filmed in a music room during lunch thing, calling it “ingenious,” and that the school would never “want to deny 10 million people the opportunity to have a laugh.” Which is good for guys, because unlike their very chill principal, I watched the whole thing screaming DON’T HURT THE GUITARS!

Perfect Chair Flipping Is the New Bottle Flipping