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Teen Learns Valuable Lesson About Pens While the Internet Laughs

Autumn Black is a high-school sophomore from Florida. And, last week, Black learned something important in class: It’s a good idea to double check that a pen is closed before running it over your leg repeatedly.

I was distracted because in my 3rd period class … I have ASL [American Sign Language] and we were playing a game,” Black told me via Twitter DM. “We were playing a game, so when I started to scratch my leg with a pen I didn’t notice it was clicked. And then I happened to look down and saw my pants looked like a kid’s coloring book.” Several thousand people have retweeted the picture of Black’s leg from her Twitter account. (And several thousand more from the meme and parody accounts have since stolen it.)

As for why she was scratching her leg, Black blames itchy skin from a sunburn earlier in the spring. So I guess that’s two lessons: pen caps … and sunscreen.

Teen Learns Lesson About Pens, Internet Laughs