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It Felt Like 101 Degrees in Central Park Monday — and Thunderstorms Won’t Bring Relief

Exhausted runners resting
Summer in the city. Photo: Marc Romanelli/Getty Images

Thunder was booming and the skies turned deep gray over New York City. But if you were expecting a downpour to bring relief from the brutal heat wave, think again. Flash flood and thunderstorm warnings are in effect for parts of the tri-state this evening, but Tuesday will see temperatures in the mid-90s once again. It remains to be seen if it will be as miserable as Monday, where the heat index (the real-feel temperature with the dew point) hit 101 degrees in Central Park this afternoon. It felt even worse in other cities along the East Coast. Take Washington, D.C., where the heat index climbed to 113 degrees. Enjoy that heat dome!

It Felt Like 101 Degrees in Central Park Today