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Get the Kids and the Minivan and Run Far Away From This Human Lego Minifigure

Remember Legos? The fun, square toys of your childhood that made your parents scream like a Home Alone bandit if they stepped on one bare foot? Remember the cute human minifigures with their weird cylindrical heads and fingerless hands that came with them? Great. We’re here to ruin that memory for you.

Well, actually, former Mythbuster Adam Savage is here to ruin it for you. Savage’s site Tested teamed up with a pro makeup artist at San Diego Comic-Con to create the cosplay nobody asked for: a human Lego minifig. The resulting costume, complete with fake skin, a slot mouth, smushed ears, and hands with just one giant fingernail each, is gross and uncanny, and yet I can’t stop watching this video.

Run Far, Far Away From This Human Lego Minifigure