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Girl Puts Friend in His Place After Stealing a Bite of Pizza

If someone offers to buy you lunch, say a slice of pizza, it’s socially acceptable to say yes. But to decline, only to eat an unoffered bite from your friend’s plate minutes later, is an act of savagery. Just ask Arize Ifejika, who made the mistake of sniping a slice from his friend De’ja earlier this week.

De’ja didn’t take to kindly to Ifejika just helping himself and proceeded to loudly tell him all the reasons why. Which, naturally, Ifejika recorded on Snapchat and later shared with the world via Twitter. The video, a compilation of several saved snaps, has been retweeted by more than 30,000 people since it was posted yesterday.

“I don’t want to share anything that I’m digesting,” De’ja says in one of the clips, after she purchases herself an entirely new slice of pizza. 

De’ja also followed up with a text message to Ifejika explaining, again, that she would have gladly bought him a slice if only he’d mentioned he was “starving like a homeless pig.” Again, Ifejika shared this on Twitter to the tune of 12,000 retweets.

Since then, hundreds of people have weighed in on whether or not De’ja’s reaction was warranted. “I’m hi-key with her on this,” wrote one person. “I would’ve ate that piece of a pizza and made him buy me another,”countered another.

Either way, brands have also discovered this thread, so it will only be fun for a little while longer. Get it while it’s still hot. 

Girl Puts Friend in His Place After Stealing Pizza