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Hackers Program Terrifying Message Into Highway Sign: ‘Poop’

For years, technology and security experts have warned us about the Big Hack, a cataclysmic infiltration that cripples power grids and utility lines, leaving us helpless as our most trusted devices are turned against us. This week, we moved one step closer to that event.

In New Jersey this week, according to, devious hackers took control of an electronic highway sign near the Jersey Shore, changing its message — which displayed essential navigational information — to read, instead, “poop.”

It is unclear who did this or why. Menacing.

The state’s Department of Transportation directed the contractor that owns the sign to remove the message, which it did. Officials do not yet know how many motorists traveling along the westbound lane of U.S. Route 40 were traumatized by the message.

Hackers Change Highway Sign to Say ‘Poop’