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What Is the ‘He Cookin’ Meme? Allow Me to Explain: He Cookin

Okay, let’s just get right down to it: There is a new meme on the net and it is insanely good. The meme is “He cookin.”

Who is “he”? Why is he “cookin”? “He cookin” is a small, blurry GIF (dating back to at least 2012) of a cat standing on two legs. He is moving his front paws around in a way that appears to mimic the cooking dance popularized by rapper, meme, and basketball-hexer Lil B, the Based God. He started cookin on Tumblr when user relishman was asked to name his top 5 dance moves. Number one was “he cookin.”

The point is: he cookin. It’s that simple. He cookin!

Tumblr users went nuts for ‘he cookin.’ It’s not a huge meme, but it is a very good one.

God bless this fine feline. Keep on cookin, he.

What Is ‘He Cookin’? Allow Me to Explain: He Cookin