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Use this Chrome Extension to Make Your Internet Pokémon-Free Again

Pokémon Go has been out in the world for almost a week, so it’s time for the backlash to begin. If you are sick of reading your friends’ tweets about Jigglypuffs, can’t stand another headline about Pokéstops, and the thought of thousands of people wandering the streets together looking for imaginary monsters makes you physically ill, we have a solution for you.

A new Google Chrome extension called PokeGone will eliminate all references to the aforementioned game while you browse online. Like many a Chrome extension before it (the one that removes Donald Trump references, the one that turns millennials into snake people), just download and go in peace knowing your internet is now Pokémon-free.

The extension hasn’t even been around a full day yet, so early reviews are inconclusive. “This guy couldn’t catch ‘em all,” writes one reviewer who gave the extension three stars. “Hate that this even exists,” writes a reviewer who left only a single star. (Though we’re guessing that review had more to do with a love of pocket monsters and less with flaws in the extension.)

How to Make Your Internet Pokémon-Free Again