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Justice Department Revokes Confused Staffer’s Twitter Privileges

Earlier this morning, for the briefest of moments, the official Twitter account for the US Department of Justice was lit. Following reports that Melania Trump cribbed sections of her speech from one Michelle Obama gave in 2008, the Justice Department tweeted a CNN story, and added a very unjust hashtag: #petty.

The tweet was quickly deleted, no doubt after someone at the DOJ realized it had been sent from the official account and not from the personal Twitter of whoever clicked “tweet.”

Since then, the DOJ has issued a formal apology and revoked Twitter access to the person responsible for the mistweet. “A staffer in the public affairs office erroneously used the official Department of Justice Twitter handle to post a tweet that was intended for a personal account,” a DOJ representative said in a statement on Tuesday, Politico reports. “The tweet does not represent the Department’s views and was inappropriate for the Department of Justice’s official account, so it was immediately deleted. The staffer’s access to the Department’s social media accounts has been revoked.”

Or, as Donald Trump might say 

DOJ Punishes Staffer Who Called CNN a ‘Troll’ on Twitter