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Let This Japanese Swim Team’s Majestic ‘Let It Go’ Cool You Down

New York City is currently trapped under a “heat dome,” which sounds like a Stephen King sequel and makes being outside feeling akin to walking on the sun. (More realistically, weekend temperatures peaked at a lovely 96 degrees. But you get my drift, it’s toasty.)

To combat this heat wave, please spend the next two minutes and 39 seconds watching this team of Japanese men perform a water ballet to “Let It Go” from Frozen. I know you probably only just got 2013’s inescapable earworm out of your head, but I assure you, this is worth it. Their aquatic feats of beauty and grace are rivaled only by Esther Williams. Also, it’s just funny.

The video itself dates to 2014 and only has about 700,000 YouTube views. But thanks to the constant churn of the internet, it’s making a comeback today at the top of Imgur, because somebody refused to let it go. (I’ll show myself out now.)

Let This Swim Team’s Majestic ‘Let It Go’ Cool You Down