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Pokémon Go Chat App Means You’ll Never Have to Actually Speak to a Human Again

Photo: Brendon Thorne/Getty Images

Pokémon Go is a bona fide phenomenon, but it has one particular problem: Out there in the real world, you might actually have to speak to someone face-to-face. Until now: There’s a new app you can download to use in tandem with the Niantic game to chat with other players.

Created by gaming company Razer , the product will reportedly launch online this evening. Apps for both iOS and Android devices are said to be coming along in the next week, according to the Verge. RazerGo will integrate directly into the Pokémon Go app and let users chat with other players with a preset geographic radius. (Think Tinder.) There will be options for both public chat groups and private messages, as well as chatting up other members of your chosen team. If I played Pokémon Go, here is where I’d insert a choice “Go Team Whatever!” (Editor’s note: Instinct.)

The app launch coincides with an event at Razer’s store in San Francisco, a Pokécrawl (gag), which promises plenty of lures if you’re in the area and hoping to go hunting. (More info on the event here.) Alternatively, you could just speak, out loud, to the throngs of people also wandering the streets staring at their phones in search of a Squirtle and bypass the chat app entirely.

Never Speak to Anyone Again With New Pokémon Go Chat App