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Pokémon Go Turns College Kids Into Zombie Extras From The Walking Dead

If you are still unsure how you feel about the Pokémon Go craze sweeping the globe, I am here to tell you: You should be afraid. Very, very afraid. Exhibit A: this mob of Florida college students converging on campus trying to hunt down a singular Squirtle.

Maybe it’s the image of dozens of students, staring at their phones, hunting in a giant pack, or their primal screams of, “Oh my God, SQUIRTLE,” but something about this whole clip is downright terrifying. After all, only one person can actually catch the Squirtle.

Fortunately, the crowd disperses after one lucky, screaming player manages to nab the monster, but I have no doubt the masses will rise up again as soon as word of a Blastoise or Goldeen makes it way around campus.

Pokémon Go Turns College Kids Into Zombies