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Watching This Corpse-Flower Livestream Is Strangely Calming

If there is one thing that can bring people together for a little bit of nonpartisan joy, it’s a good livestream. First, there were bald eagles. And then, bears catching salmon. And now, the Amorphophallus titanum, better known as the corpse flower for its pleasant, rotting-flesh odor.

The flower is currently on display at the New York Botanical Garden, where it officially began its bloom cycle today. Corpse flowers famously (I mean, the plants did get a shout-out in the new Gilmore Girls trailer, so I’d call them famous) take up to a decade to bloom and fill the air with their putrid skin smell, so this is A Thing.

The blooming period will only last a few days before the flower collapses and we have to wait another ten years, so tune in while the stench of dead humans wasting away is still fresh. Not that you’ll be able to smell it through your screen anyway, but still.

This Corpse-Flower Livestream Is Strangely Calming