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The Five Lamest Pokéstops in the World

By now, you, or someone you know, has joined to zombie horde of Pokémon Go players wandering the countryside looking to catch pocket monsters in augmented reality. As part of the game, players seek out Pokéstops, or locations where they can pick up much-needed items like Pokéballs, medicine, or snacks. And while some Pokéstops have been discovered in cool places (strip clubs are cool, right?), many are in decidedly less than glamorous locales. Enter: /r/ShittyPokestops, a subreddit dedicated to highlighting the world’s most bleak Pokéstops. The board is very new, but already excellent. Here are the five that have already risen to the top of the Pokémon trash heap.

5. This graffiti

4. An old drinking trough

3. The entrance to a Target

2. This door handle

1. An ashtray

The Five Lamest Pokéstops in the World