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This Bears-Catching-Salmon Live Cam Is the Best Thing the Internet Has to Offer

As you read this, over 100 brown bears are arriving in Katmai National Park in Alaska. Their purpose? To paw through the Brooks River in search of fish — and not just any fish, but sockeye salmon. The pink fish of kings. And while usually I’d say such a natural and beautiful process should be left untouched by the sticky hands of man and technology, four years ago some genius decided to livestream the river 24/7 while the bears fed. And it was great.

This year, the tradition continues. You can watch the river round the clock as the bears splash around, hunt for food, and stumble sated back into the woods. The live camera feed jumps from several different vantage points, so you’re sure not to miss the action. And even when the bears aren’t around, the flowing river becomes the most calming screensaver this side of Windows 95. It’s fun for the whole family. Unless you come from a family of salmon. In which case, it’s probably less fun. 

Bears-Catching-Salmon Cam Is the Best Thing Online