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This Optical Illusion Turns Rectangles Into Circles and Hurts My Brain

Internet illusions usually aren’t the most erudite concepts. A dress that looks different-colored depending on whom you ask. A dumb cigar shoved into a brick wall. Really nothing to write home about. (Though certainly something for everyone on the internet to blog about.) But for Kokichi Sugihara, optical trickery is nothing short of an art form. And also a science.

Sugihara, a Japanese engineering professor, took second place at this year’s Best Illusion of the Year contest for his “Ambiguous Cylinder Illusion.” The illusion uses a set of cylinders and a mirror, with the cylinders cut so that depending on the angle from which you look at them, they appear to be either rounded or to have angled corners.

Now that is what I call an illusion. Eat it, pandas.

Odd Optical Illusion Turns Rectangles Into Circles