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Trump Will Not Rest Until Even Kids Know About His Anti-Semitic Tweet

It seems Donald Trump has finally taken a hard look at the polls and decided that rather than attempting to catch up to Hillary Clinton, he’ll try to create the most unbelievable headline ever. Here’s tonight’s effort: “Presumptive Republican Presidential Nominee Donald Trump Defends Anti-Semitic Tweet With Photo of Frozen Sticker Book.” After days of coverage, people were starting to move past Trump tweeting an image featuring Hillary Clinton, a Star of David, lots of money, and the phrase “Most Corrupt Candidate Ever!” But Trump just couldn’t … uh, let it go.

At a rally in Cincinnati on Wednesday night, Trump went on a tirade about his alleged anti-Semitism that was bad on multiple levels (and we won’t even get into Trump repeating his praise for Saddam Hussein’s terrorist-killing abilities, raving about his son’s height, attacking Chuck Todd, and swatting a mosquito he pretended was Hillary). Trump uttered the word “star” 28 times, rattled off a list of all the Jewish people in his inner circle, and said his social-media director shouldn’t have taken the image down (which contradicts his son-in-law Jared Kushner’s claim that the tweet was just a “careless” mistake).

While the image was traced back to Neo-Nazis online, he said any journalists who thought it was anti-Semitic are just “bad people.” “They’re racially profiling, they’re profiling, not us,” he said, demonstrating that he does not understand what that term means.

But, as is often the case with Trump, the best part came later on Twitter, when he posted this:

Even that image wasn’t properly sourced; Trump lifted it from Reddit.

Hillary Clinton responded:

If you don’t get that, just ask any kid in elementary school. Trump is taking his schoolyard-bully persona very literally.

Trump Wants Everyone to Know About Star Tweet