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The Other App Everyone’s Obsessed With This Week Is Prisma, an Arty Photo App

Photo: Prisma.AI/Facebook

If you’ve grown tired of Mayfair, Juno, and that one Instagram filter that makes everyone’s face look like a Florida orange, here’s a new photo-editing app to try. Prisma offers over two dozen different filters inspired by some of the world’s most famous artists and paintings. Want to turn your selfie in a homage to Edvard Munch’s The Scream?There’s a filter for that. Prefer something more geometric, try the Mondrian option.

The new app has picked up some steam this week, despite the giant app shadow being cast by Pokémon Go. Prisma is available in 25 countries and reports hundreds of thousands of daily downloads, MacRumors notes. (The Prisma developer team is “scrambling to double their server capacity to process all the information.”)

As far as apps go, Prisma is fairly simple to use. Download the app (it’s currently only available for iOS users) and allow camera and photo access. When you pick the photo you want to edit, keep in mind the app crops all images into a perfect square (think back to the olden days of Instagram). Then you just pick a filter and decide how heavily you want to apply it, by dragging your finger across the screen from left to right.

From there, you can upload the photo directly to Facebook or Instagram (though you do have to deal with the Prisma logo that is automatically added to the bottom right-hand corner of each image) and wait for your friends to compliment you on how angular your cheekbones look.

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