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Guy Turns Floppy Disks Into Excellent, Star Wars–Playing Orchestra

Born on the cusp of the USB revolution, I do not know what floppy disks actually do. I have heard stories, but to my mind they are square pieces of plastic that make for tech-savvy coasters. Now, thanks to Paweł Zadrożniak’s YouTube channel, I finally have my answer: Floppy disks are clearly instruments.

Using a combination of disks, channel controllers, and what I’ll assume is a lot of trial and error, Zadrożniak rigged an entire “computer-hardware orchestra” to play the Star Wars “Imperial March.” And it’s excellent.

This isn’t his first computer composition; you can also check out earlier hits, like this Pirates of the Caribbean cover, on his YouTube channel. He’s taking suggestions in the comments of the Star Wars video if you have ideas for his next work. I’m hoping for some “My Heart Will Go On.”

Guy Turns Floppy Disks Into Star Wars Orchestra